Wedding Planning Consultation

Here in Gingerlab we are not just event planners,  we are storytellers ready to narrate your love story! 

 Our consultancy services are directed at those who need some guidance  for their wedding plan.

Even for couples who want to organise and manage the entier event by themshelves, a wedding professional could still be helpful.

In our first meeting we will ask you to fill a questionnaire about you, your needs, your dreams and more... This questionnaire will help us to understand your aesthetic, your character and what type of ceremony it is more suitable for you.


That is how we start weaving your personal storytelling. 


In the end of our second meeting  we provide you with:

  • a detailed  to do list  with timeline 

  • a conceptual idea

  • a financial plan 

  • a list of wedding professionals you can turn to, for every step of your way.