About us

Blue water droplets

We are Sofia and Tonia, the co-founders  or

` Partners in crime` of Gingerlab, as we use to call each other.

 After many years working together as interior designers, we realised that

we were meant to do something extraordinary together.

 We spent a dreamy summer, traveling, thinking and talking about our next step.

It wasn't easy, we admit it, but we did it!

 Ever since we remember ourselves, we have always dreamt of starting our own business  some day.

Our creative nature, passion for design and elegant aesthetics are the components of

the magical recipe that  gave birth to Gingerlab.

We want to create something meaningful that can bring happiness and joy to each and every one of you.

Ginger(17) αντίγραφο.jpg

Tonia Kouneli

Event Manager

Ginger(1) αντίγραφο.jpg

Sofia Katti

Event Manager